Premiere of work for String Orchestra

Ady Ensemble

It is my pleasure to report that on Saturday 17 November, 2012, Ady Ensemble  premiered my revised work for string orchestra in Brisbane, Australia.

‘Reflection’ was originally conceived one stressful evening in January, during the 2012 Australian Youth Orchestra Music Camp. By the time I sat down to write the work I was exhausted, having only very recently finished an intense 5 days of writing ‘Turbulence’ for chamber orchestra, which I had dabbled in using tone rows for the first time. ‘Reflection’ emerged as kind of reaction to ‘Turbulence’, it is tonal, expressive and was written with much love for my partner James. It is influenced by the music of Sigur Ros and Per Nørgard (in particular his Pastorale for string orchestra) and was recorded the very next day during a camp workshop. Post camp in January 2012, it was revamped, extended leaving me with a short and extended version of the piece. I am torn as to whether throw out the original short version…perhaps they can both coexist! Check them out for yourself and feel free to let me know what you think 🙂

Here is the original, short version.

And here is Ady Ensemble premiering the revised, extended version live. We do hope to get a professional recording done of this in 2013.

What do you think? Should they both stay?

2 thoughts on “Premiere of work for String Orchestra

  1. David John Lang says:

    Hello Lisa! I can understand why you feel torn and don’t want to simply replace the first version. I think they both work very well. I love the new ending… but then I also still love the old ending. And I like how the second version has more space about it… but then I also love how the original one feels more momentary and elusive.

    Why not keep them both? Hardly any composers do this, but if you are happy with both, let them coexist! Think of it like a delicious meal from a fancy restaurant: you can choose to have it in “entrée” or “main” size, depending on how you are feeling, or what else you also want to eat.

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