Commission a New Musical Work in 2013

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Have you ever considered commissioning a new musical work for your instrument, ensemble or choir? Afraid that the cost of doing so might break your budget or your bow? Well, I encourage you to embrace 2013 as the year to enquire, chat, negotiate and collaborate on how I might be able to bring your musical vision to life. Commissioning a new work needn’t break the bank and can start at as little as $100, dependent on the size of the ensemble and duration of the work. A new piece can be :​

    • of any length and for any instrumentation

    • written for a specific occasion or for your own personal enjoyment

    • written with the strengths and weaknesses of your ensemble in mind

    • cater to themes, briefs or be a complete musical surprise

• negotiated to include a midi or live performance recording

    • include parts preparation, program notes and an autographed copy of the final score

Please feel free to visit my Commission a New Work webpage for more details. I am always more than happy to chat about how I can help bring your project or musical dream to life, or even recommend someone else who might be perfect for your vision. To listen to some of my previous commissions, please feel free to visit my Listening page.

2 thoughts on “Commission a New Musical Work in 2013

  1. Flloyd Kennedy says:

    Hi Lisa, I just received notification that you are following my blog. Thank you! But I’m not using that site any more, I’ve migrated the blog over to If you want to receive news of fresh posts, you can register your email address over there. I love the look of your work, but the videos with the 2 versions don’t seem to be working.

    • lisacheney says:

      Hi Flloyd,
      Lovely the hear from you. Thanks for letting me know about your knew blog, I look forward to taking a look 🙂
      Also, thanks for letting me know about the video links in the ‘String Orchestra’ blog, it is strange that you cant see them but I can! I might have to check them out from another computer. However, if you would still like to hear them please feel free to visit my youtube channel instead. Your thoughts are always welcome.

      Warm regards,


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