Recording The Owl and the Pussycat

Help tune in little ears to quality music 👧🎼👦

I’m thrilled to be embarking on the journey of recording The Owl and the Pussycat, so that children across the world can listen to new Australian art music, opera and literature. 

In 2018 I was given the incredible opportunity to bring my brand new 45 minute, one-act opera for children, The Owl and the Pussycat to life. Setting a completely original text from gifted Brisbane based playwright Kathryn Marquet, the work was commissioned by Little Match Productions with support from the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund. Nominated for 4 Matilda Awards including Best Composition, our beautiful show premiered at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, then travelled to north Queensland before re-mounting in its first (amazing) black box theatre space for Brisbane Festival.

As I watched children sit engaged for an entire 45 minutes, to hear their squeals of laughter, their big wide eyes as they drunk in the beautiful messages of love and acceptance and the slightly offbeat, colourful and at times experimental musical sound worlds I was overwhelmed with contentment. My heart was filled with so much joy to serve our little people in this way. This is why I believe so strongly that it’s time to record the work!

A quality recording is an integral part of assisting this beautiful piece of Australian art music, writing, theatre and opera to live on in the ears and eyes of young people for many years to come. We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to make this recording with the original cast members Sarah Murr (Owl), Irena Lysiuk (Pussycat) and Jackson McGovern (Narrator/multiple colourful characters). They will be joined by three of Brisbane’s finest musicians, Daniel Byrne (clarinets), Cameron Kennedy (percussion) and David Freisberg (cello). I will be personally contributing to recording costs, as will Little Match Productions, but the reality of paying our incredible ensemble, engineer and venue staff mean that this recording will not happen without your support!

Can you help fund the original cast recording? Check out the Pozible page to make a difference. Every dollar counts 🙏 Every donor will receive a free digital music download 💚 There are also some fantastic rewards, including tickets to La Triviata – LIVE Music Trivia Night – Little Match Productions’ annual ultimate FOMO event! 😲



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