Quiddity Composition Project & The Federation Handbells

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded the 2015 Quiddity Composition Commission! I have the pleasure of writing a 10 minute work for the Federation Handbells to be premiered at the Festival of Slow Music in Ballarat on Friday 28th, August. I know it’s going to be a wonderful experience writing, collaborating and performing this work with my good friend and amazing percussionist Matthew Horsely. I also can’t wait to dive in to exploring such an amazingly unique sound world with these beautiful hand bells – my entire mallet collection is going to have the work out of its life! [also, prepared bells? hells yes, I can’t resist!]


More about the Festival of Slow Music:           “The Festival of Slow Music reflects the philosophy of the Slow Food movement but with the focus on the sensation of hearing, with all of the concerts being totally acoustic. The idea of Slow Music is to promote a more direct connection to the musical experience through meeting the musicians, learning about their musical aspirations, listening to natural, unamplified sounds and taking the time to hear a performance in full.

The Festival of Slow Music is about an approach to listening and experiencing music – it is not a description of the music, which will range from slow to fast, soft to loud, beautiful to ugly, old to new. It is not the music that will be slow, but the listening – the audience will be encouraged to slow down and enjoy the experience.”

To catch this rare performance [as in, it’s me actually playing! No where to hide, dun dun!] come along to the premiere in ‘The Big Om’ concert, 28/08/15, 6:30pm at the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute, Minerva Room, Ballaarat, VIC.


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