Premiere of ‘Arcane’ at the QLD Conservatorium

Dear Friends,

This is a little announcement to let you know that there’s an exciting premiere happening in Brisbane tomorrow night (Friday 29th, May, 7:30pm) at the QLD Conservatorium of Music. Johannes Fritzsch and the QLD Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra will premiere my nine minute work Arcane, commissioned as part of the 2013 Silver Harris and Jeff Peck Prize (see earlier post). Also on the bill is Strauss’ Alpine Symphony and Elgar’s Cello Concerto  – a most impressive lineup that really offers something for everyone!  I’m honoured to have my work performed by such an amazing team. Arcane will also be performed again as part of the TSO Composers’ School program in at the end of June. Please join us if you can.

Event information:

A little about Arcane (program note):

arcane |ärˈkān|

(adjective) understood by few; mysterious or secret

Composing Arcane I was transported to a world in my imagination; deep below the surface of the earth, standing in the middle of a vacuous cave with no signs of exit. It was pitch black and deafeningly silent, yet the silence was filled by the pure sine tones of my own tinnitus and the gentle hum of my body functioning. I metaphorically felt the weight of layers of earth above, but physically felt the air pressure, the drop in temperature. The weight of my own panic and fear at being in complete isolation bore down on my chest, pushing and willing itself to break free and to overwhelm. I explored the feeling of being completely alone and the not-quite-silence engulfing me, feeling the cold and hearing the tiny drops of water formed by condensation. Yet in my imagined isolation, I wondered at how one could block out the panic to notice the beauty of the earth. I imagined the way certain rocks and minerals reflected light off one another. The glimmers and flashes were delicate, beautiful and mysterious. Real tiny pockets of beauty and light hidden in the cold walls of a dark, isolating space and then, suddenly in my mind, these pockets began to morph into sound. Born out of an overactive imagination Arcane explores the mysteries, secrets and wonders that are experienced by few beneath the earth. How I could feel the experience so vividly without actually being there was both frightening and mysterious – a testament to the secrets of the mind.

con orchestra alpine

Johannes Fritzsch and the QLD Conservatorium Orchestra in rehearsal.

johannes fritsch

The Conservatorium welcomes Johannes Fritzsch to their stage for 2015.

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