Reflections on 2017

Happy (belated) New Year!

With a few weeks break over the festive season now under my belt, I reflect with awe at the intensity of 2017 and the speed in which it seemingly slipped away. I’m grateful to take this moment to pause and acknowledge that it was an overwhelmingly joyous year, filled with more rollercoaster highs than lows.

With a pinch of good humour, I can say that the themes of my 2017 centred around love, hard work and overcommitment.  Commencing with a birthday milestone (30) and ending with a celebration of love (an engagement!), this lightning-fast year was shaped by the list below. I’ve listed them here, not for any kind of recognition, but more for myself to process and archive as a new year is ushered in, for time passes too quickly.

2017 saw…

  • Wonderful performances of old and new works in Australia and overseas by talented musicians and friends, to whom I’m so honoured and grateful. Here’s Christophe Mathias of Ensemble Interface giving the European premiere of ‘When We Speak’ for solo cello and electroacoustic track at the Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival, Spain in July.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all my collaborators, champions, friends and family old and new that made 2017 such a special year. It was undoubtedly chaotic and overly ambitious, though I do enter the new year knowing more about myself, values and the enjoyment I gain from such a diverse work life. Working closely with my collaborators/musicians on commissions and building in extra workshop time is more important to my practice than ever. As is, building more lead/perspective time into new creative endeavours!

The next big creative milestone is fast approaching. I look forward to touching base again soon with updates about The Owl & the Pussycat and where you can see it in 2018!

Thanks for stopping by to show your support. Just a reminder that my current list of works can be viewed here, with many works available to purchase via the Australian Music Centre or by getting in touch with me directly. There is also lots of music and podcasts to listen to and watch at your leisure on my website. I’m currently taking expressions of interest and proposals for commissions in 2019, so if you have an idea or an instinct that we should make something out of nothing together, let’s chat!

Wishing you a love filled, bright and Happy New (music) Year!

Featured image credit: Luke Volker, during creative development for The Owl & the Pussycat.

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