Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Frescoes of Dionysius

On April 9th I had the most exciting pleasure of attending a performance of my work The Pool and the Star by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Olli Mustonen. I’ve enjoyed so many of Olli Mustonen’s compositions since being introduced to his music by Iain Grandage at the 2012 AYO National Music Camp, and really cherished being able to meet/work with him in person last week. The Pool and the Star was commissioned as part of the 2013 Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers’ Program (check out my last few post for details on the program). The work was originally premiered in the Finals concert of the program back in January and I was honoured to have my work selected to
be programmed in the MSO Metropolis New Music Festival. The concert also included: Shchedrin – Frescoes of Dionysius, Mustonen – Sonata for Violin and Orchestra (world premiere) and Shchedrin – Sotto voce concerto for cello and orchestra. I was lucky enough to have a little interview with Phillip Sametz before my work was performed and the entire concert was broadcase live on ABC Classic FM. It looked a bit like this:

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It was a surreal experience to have my work featured on a program of this calibre (I’m still processing) and absolutely one I will cherish! My sincere thanks go out to my wonderful support team of friends and family who came along to the concert or listened to the broadcast interstate. Despite such a marvellous setting, I’m still partial to letting my inner critic take over and to down play or criticise my work/style (yes, a little of this can be healthy for an artist but it can also get in the way of enjoying an experience in the moment), so it’s always nice to have friendly faces around to smile at you and tell you that they’re proud, no matter what sounds emerge out of the orchestra :-).
My thanks also go out to the MSO and Cybec Foundation for making this wonderful performance a reality, I am extremely grateful and humbled by the experience.

Here’s a one minute excerpt of the final result:

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